Revealed: The Hidden Meanings Of Your Dreams
How To Uncover The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind

Carole J Stokes ND
I’m going to show you how you can interpret your own dreams with my simple, easy to follow program.

Carole has a mission to connect people to their own inner guidance and, in so doing, empower them to live the life of their dreams. 

We support you on a personal journey to connect with your higher guidance and to unlock the hidden messages in your dreams. This opens a path for you to find your own purpose from within and to clear any subconscious negative beliefs that are holding you back, empowering you to create a happier, healthier and more joyous life.

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Learn how to understand the hidden meanings of your dreams and say goodbye to confusion.

Deal with repeating dreams that won’t go away by learning how to interpret your dream and taking action on it. Poof it will immediately disappear.

Unpack your dream language. It’s easy when you learn to interpret your own dream symbols and follow the path to your personal power.

Feeling alone and confused even in company? Discover your inner connection and watch your isolation disappear.

Restore daily guidance and direction from within and replace the confusion with direct guidance from Source.

Deal with feelings of self disconnection and get the answers you need. Find the disconnection totally dissolve and receive the answers when you can interpret your own dreams.

No longer constantly doubt yourself and your intuition and instead begin to rely on yourself and listen to your own gut instincts and intuition.

Connect to your soul purpose and finally discover what you were born to achieve.

Evolve and stand in your own power of greatness when you connect with your dreams.

Take back your power and be the awesome person you were born to be.

You are probably here because you are interested in dreams and dreaming and if you’re anything like me you will want to interpret them for yourself.

Pat Mesiti
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Would you like to know what Pat is referring to?
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About Carole

Hi, my name is Carole J Stokes ND and I am going to show you how you can reclaim your personal power and master the game of dream interpretation.

I had my personal power stolen from me when I experienced extreme trauma at the tender age of  four years. As a result I attempted suicide, visiting what I call the other side of the veil and returned with a clairvoyant ability. I have been aware of my dreams ever since. Have you had something like this happen to you?

I reclaimed my power and dedicated my life to assisting others to reclaim their own power.  I do that by linking people to their inner guidance through dream interpretation.

For many years I lectured on ‘dreams’ at various Australian TAFE colleges, that is Technical and Further Education; at the Centre for Adult Education in Melbourne, and various New Age Centres … 

You can begin your journey with me right now. Just click on the link, leave your details and I will send you a copy of my FREE eBook Dissolving The Myths Surrounding Dream Interpretation.

Fill in your details and I will send you your personal copy of my FREE eBook

You are not alone. You are never alone.

To get started, grab a pen and have a pad by your bed to jot down the details of your dream as soon as you wake. You can interpret the dream later, when you have the time.

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Please read written testimonials from some of our happy dreamers.

“WOW Carole I’m amazed. You have opened my eyes to amazing possibilities and the enormity of our existence. My dreams have shown me how easy life can be, if I just follow the messages they are showing me. Instead of floundering all I needed to do was to understand the messages in my dreams. I’ve always dreamed, yet have never really known of their potential until now.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Your help has been invaluable.”

David Pearce
Perth, Western Australia

“Carole has been so helpful with helping me to interpret my dreams and learning how to read dreams to deal with day to day living; and how to deal with the negative influences that were causing such night terrors for me. They were making me drowsy during the day and I had no energy left to do anything. She has a way with words that is so inspiring and so easy to resonate with. This whole experience with Carole has changed my entire perspective towards me, and my dreams, and how I can overcome the issues by myself. I would recommend her to anybody. What an amazing lady. Thanks again Carole.”

Tilly Sutton
Norfolk, UK

 “Carole simplifies the complex world of dreams. How? By getting you involved in the interpretation using your own intuition and knowledge, so it’s relevant to your life. Her unique ability means that you’re assured there is no stock-standard answer nor is there loads of analysis needed to trawl through. What better way to see your dreams for what they are and be empowered to develop your ability too. Thanks Carole!”

Thuy Nguyen
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

“Thank you for assisting me to understand the dream about my uncle who had died. The message he shared in his dream was very important to me. Your assistance was very helpful. Thank you so much dear.”

Aseel Al Baker

“I found Carole spiritually understanding. The process was very easy to follow. It is a lot easier to interpret my dreams and to bring what I have learnt into everyday use. I think everyone should do it; it makes you look inside yourself. It was a thoroughly enjoyable and uplifting experience.”

Wendy Dunn
Queensland, Australia

“Something emotional struck me after we talked about England representing the past and Australia the future. Although my dream put me back in England (representing the past), with Australia as a memory (and I think I have been having these dreams more than I recall), I think it was a wake-up call (I have been so grateful when I wake up to find myself in Australia)
– to enjoy the here and now. Would it be strange to say that a long term depression bubble has burst? Since our conversation, I woke up on Saturday to appreciate where I am here and now. Something changed – and for that I thank you. And as I say this, I don’t mean there’s anything specific about England and Australia – it really does appear to be about the past and present. The very best to you.”

Patricia Grosse
Wangaratta, Victoria, Australia

“Carole has helped me look at issues in my life through dream interpretation. The dreams give us clues in life and it is the interpretation of these clues that give us a greater understanding of who we are and where we are going.”

Jenny Johnson
Tweed Coast, NSW, Australia

“Thanks Carole for a most enlightening and enjoyable experience; I loved it and learnt so much, Great stuff!”

Shara North
Upwey, Victoria, Australia

Connect With Your Inner Guidance And You Will Never Feel Alone Again

I’m going to show you how you can interpret your own dreams
with my simple, easy to follow program.

Just fill in your details and I will immediately send you your copy of my eBook.

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Carole J Stokes ND