Public Speaking

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My extensive knowledge of dreams and dreaming has developed over many decades. I am an accomplished speaker having spoken at National Conferences of over 1000 people and to smaller more intimate groups such as 30 or 50 interested people.

‘Dreams are available to us all and can lead to new insight for national, international, business and personal awareness’. The knowledge I have to impart covers all nationalities and is available to all religious persuasions.

I have been told I have ‘a warm and chatty approach’, and those who hear me seem to enjoy how I opened up the world of dreams for them. They are inspired to work more closely with the knowledge available to them in their dreams.

Question time is a buzz and people cannot get enough of it. For those who miss out I am always available to them via email.

I am happy to work with you the client, to ensure that all promotional material is appropriate and will connect with your audience.

Please connect with me by sending an email from my Connect page and book your talk with me. You will be thrilled you did!

I look forward to hearing from you.



Carole J Stokes ND