People of Note

I am very fortunate to have been able to meet some exceptional people
and would like to share some of them with you

Dr John Demartini

Dr John Demartini is a man of exceptional qualities- author, educator, business consultant, leadership expert, founder of the Demartini InstituteSpecialists in Human Behavior – Maximising Potential & Awareness. This man is amazing and has taught me so much.

Dr John Demartini and his Demartini Institute A healer of magnitude. Your dreams can be a reality.

Darren Stephens

Darren Stephens highly successful Entrepreneur & Celebrity Maker, International Bestselling Author, International Speaker and Global Business ConsultantTurnaround expert, self-made multi-millionaire and seasoned business executive, growth strategist, bestselling author and consultant. Darren personally knows everyone who is anyone, world wide. The team at Darren Stephens provides next generation, cutting edge tools for personal and professional achievement.

Darren’s Global Publishing Group Darren can turn your dreams into reality

Dale Beaumont

Dale Beaumont is the Founder and Managing Director of Business Blueprint – Australia’s fastest growing business education and mastermind program. He is the author and publisher of 16 best-selling books that have collectively sold over a quarter of a million copies.

Dale Beaumont Helping you build your profile

Brett McFall

Brett McFall Co-founder of the World Internet Summit, internet marketer and world-class copywriter and author of the Australian best-selling book, ‘How To Make Money While You Sleep’ . Often speaking in front of audiences of over 6,000 people, Brett has shared the stage with Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump.

Brett McFall Shows you how
Brett McFall Four days that could change your financial future forever

Rob Thompson

Rob Thompson AKA The Marketing Mentor, successful internet entrepreneur, keynote speaker and featured in the #1 Best Selling book Business Millionaire: How To Turn Your Idea Into A Million Dollar Business’. WordPress Website Expert, Marketing Trainer, and Co-Founder of In A Day Hands on Website Training Rob can assist you with all your website needs from anywhere you may be, right across the globe.

Rob Thompson Hands on training. Helping your business grow
Rob Thompson International assistance to build and grow a successful business online
Rob Thompson This law of attraction website was created by Rob for you. It is free to join and gain instant access to over 100 amazing life changing audios
Gold Coast Small Business Network

Loral Langemeier

Loral Langemeier is known as the Millionaire Maker. She is an amazing woman who teaches people about how to make money and most importantly how to keep what you make. Loral is one of today’s most visible and innovative money experts.

Loral Langemeier Yes Energy Book

Benjamin J Harvey

Benjamin J Harvey AKA The Director of Change is a speaker, trainer, coach. His purpose is to help people make a difference and an income doing what they love. Benjamin can assist anyone who is looking for a new and wonderful life, assisting you metamorph and become all that you can possibly be.

Benjamin J Harvey Live your love

Carole J Stokes ND