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“Carole took me step by step through a couple of repetitive dreams I had been having since childhood. She helped me look at the parts of the dream and asked what they symbolized to me, then questioned the meanings I assigned to those symbols. She paraphrased what I told her and that helped me see for myself what my dreams meant to me. It was an amazing and eye opening experience.

I used to puzzle about those dreams at least twice a week. Now I know what they mean to me it has made a positive change in my life. I no longer have those dreams and my mind is now free to focus on the rest of my life. I now have peace of mind. Thank you Carole.”

Peta Ann Hewitt, Toowoomba
Queensland, Australia

“Thanks Carole for a most enlightening and enjoyable experience; I loved it and learnt so much, Great stuff!”

Sheila Handyside, Southport
Queensland, Australia

“Wow! What a great read. Carole’s esoterically customized dream analysis methods teach you to interpret your own, and others’ dreams, without having to learn hundreds of symbols and meanings irrelevant to the individual. Thanks Carole for making it so easy and logical.”

Shara North, Upwey
Victoria, Australia

“I found Carole spiritually understanding. The process was very easy to follow. It is a lot easier to interpret my dreams and to bring what I have learnt into everyday use. I think everyone should do it; it makes you look inside yourself. It was a thoroughly enjoyable and uplifting experience.”

Wendy Dunn, Springbrook
Queensland, Australia

“Carole has helped me look at issues in my life through dream interpretation. The dreams give us clues in life and it is the interpretation of these clues that give us a greater understanding of who we are and where we are going.”

Jenny Johnson, Tweed Coast
NSW, Australia

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