Assertiveness for both Business and Personal

Assertiveness Training

Assertiveness is a skill and can be learnt. It is all about learning to express your needs and is therefore a social and communication skill. It is definitely not aggression.

Being assertive means to be able to stand up for your own needs or for the rights of other people in a calm and positive way. There is no need for being either aggressive or passive. You can learn this skill and when you do, it will improve your life immeasurably.

I have been assisting people for more years than I can remember on how you can take back your personal power and how you can be the magnificent Being that you truly are.

Assertiveness is about having the power over your own life. It is not about having power over others.

Be the MAGNIFICENT you! Be Assertive!

I will show you how!

1 hour ASSERTIVENESS consultations on Zoom can be arranged. You will be sent an invitation to link up at a prearranged time. We can connect with each other and speak eye to eye from anywhere in the world. (We have one hour to cover all the issues that are holding you back from moving on).

Cost: $150AU hour appointment OR 3 sessions for $400AU
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’You are FAR GREATER than you imagine.

Carole J Stokes ND