Past Life Healing


Past Life Healing

Have you experienced issues that you cannot understand and cannot seem to heal? A Past Life Healing is what you need.

I access past lives clairvoyantly, describing the life in detail and we discuss how it is effecting your life and what you can do to shift the pattern and be free of it forever.

Past lives will enable you to unlock blockages in your life and release you to move forward with ease.

This could be one of your past lives

or this…

A Highwayman

or this…

A traveller

You can be male or female in other lives. We have had many.

1 hour PAST LIFE HEALING consultations on Zoom can be arranged. You will be sent an invitation to link up at a prearranged time. We can connect with each other and speak eye to eye from anywhere in the world.
(We have one hour to cover all the issues that are holding you back from moving on).

Cost: $150AU hour appointment OR 3 sessions for $400AU
Email me for an appointment… Connect with Carole

Carole J Stokes ND