Relationship Mentor

Relationship Mentor

We often find ourselves in situations that require skills that we have never learned and we feel we are drowning, unable to swim the rapids that we find ourselves in.

Do you feel a bit like this?

Would you like someone to hold your hand and help you to address the issues? To help you feel confident again. To help you realize there is nothing wrong with you and that you really can survive this.

I have been assisting people for more years than I can remember on how you can take back your personal power and how you can be the MAGNIFICENT Being that you truly are.

You are not alone in this. You will have me to call on for advice and assistance to handle whatever comes up for you.

 I am here to help.

1 hour RELATIONSHIP consultations on Zoom can be arranged. You will be sent an invitation to link up at a prearranged time. We can connect with each other and speak eye to eye from anywhere in the world.

(We have one hour to cover all the issues that are holding you back from moving on).

Cost: $150AU hour appointment OR 3 sessions for $400AU
Email me for an appointment… Connect with Carole

Carole J Stokes ND