Abraham Lincoln’s assassination dream
Abraham Lincoln is one of the historical figures who experienced a dream meant to warn him of danger. Historians claim that Lincoln dreamt of his own body lying in a coffin for 2 weeks before he was assassinated.

Elias Howe and the sewing machine
Howe invented the sewing machine in 1845; previously he had an idea of machine with a needle going through a piece of cloth. The problem was that he could not figure out how it would work. Howe dreamt that he was surrounded by cannibals who were dancing around a fire and waving their spears as they prepared to cook him. In the dream he noticed that at the head of every spear there was a small hole that went through the shaft. When he woke up the hole in the shaft as well as the up and down of the spears remained with him. This dream is what inspired him to invent a machine with a needle close to the point which became a major innovation that made a mechanical sewing possible.

Friedrich August Kekule and Benzene
Friedrich August Kekule discovered the almost impossible chemical structure of benzene in a dream where he saw a group of snakes swallowing their tails.

Paul McCartney and his popular song, Yesterday
This singer is known to have claimed that he dreamt the melody to the song ?Yesterday?. When he woke up he thought that the melody was just a vague memory of some songs he had heard previously when he was a child. Later it turned out that he had come up with the song all by himself while asleep. He went on to record it and it became one of the greatest pop hits in the world.

You could still be wondering what are prophetic dreams and what do you do when you have had one? Categorizing these dreams will help you understand them better.

Clairvoyant dreams
Clairvoyant dreams are highly defined; sometimes they involve dreaming of an event that is taking place at the same time as a real life event.

Clairaudient dreams
Clairaudient dreams involve hearing voices or sounds that are clear and distinct. The voices seem to appear out of nowhere. Dream experts claim that it is important to pay attention to such messages.

Apparition dreams usually involve dead people appearing in a dream to deliver an important message.

Shared dreams
Shared dreams occur to people who have a very close connection to each other. These are similar dreams that occur to two or more people who are very close.

Warning dreams
Just as the description suggests the dreams suggest of forewarnings of something bad happening to a person in future. These dreams offer you the chance to alter the outcome. John Dunne, a British engineer is known to have dreamt about a volcanic eruption in France before it actually happened.

Telepathic dreams
Telepathic dreams seek to deliver a message through the realm of the dreams. You can connect to someone thoughts through such dreams.

So what do you do with such dreams?

Record them
It is important to write your dream down as soon as you awake as this will help you to remember it. If you get ideas in the night hours then you may need to keep a notebook by your bedside.

Reflect on its meaning
Keep replaying the events in your dreams and ask yourself what made you think it was spiritual in its nature. The following questions can get you started:
Who featured in your dream? A person who appears in your dream may be symbolic of an attribute of you or symbolic of something else.
What was the atmosphere in the dream?
What symbols, places and objects showed up in the dream?
What were your sensations and thoughts as soon as you awoke from the dream?

Does this give you a better understanding of what prophetic dreams are and what you can do when you have had one?