How to interpret your dreams

How do we really know what our dreams mean?


Knowing Your Dream Meanings

by Carole J Toms ND (now Stokes)

Gener8 Awareness Pty Ltd
June 2013

We all dream even though many people say they do not. Most people are unaware that our dreams are there to help us on our journey throughout our lives. They show us the way that is perfect for our evolution and help to make life easier, once we know how to interpret them. When we learn to listen to our dreams and follow the valuable advice they share, life can become a glorious journey in time and space.

How To Interpret Your Dreams: Knowing Your Dream Meanings is a self help, easy to follow book that shows you how to understand your own dream language and to interpret your own dreams. We are all different; our experiences are different and so the symbols in our dreams are different, and unique to each of us. This book will give you the tools you need and the power it gives you to interpret your own dreams, and in so doing, will connect you with the Greater Consciousness. You need never feel alone again.

About the Author

Carole J Toms ND (now Stokes) lives in South East Queensland, Australia. She is a writer, qualified Naturopath and Homoeopath and public speaker with more than 50 years experience in dream interpretation. She has a special gift of inspiring people to become all that they can be.

Carole’s book ‘How To Interpret Your Dreams: Knowing Your Dream Meanings’ has been taken off the market and is now only available as a Bonus to those who complete her Dream Magic Program.

In 2005, while working in her clinic, the Carole Toms Natural Healing Centre in Melbourne (her married name), Carole won the Australian Achiever Award for her online work with people living in out of the way places around Australia. At the time Carole wrote 2 digital books that are now available at Amazon.

’You are FAR GREATER than you imagine.

How To Interpret Your Dreams: Knowing Your Dream Meanings

Carole J Toms ND (now Stokes)

Gener8 Awareness Pty Ltd
ISBN: 978-0-9872571-0-9

Self Help / Motivation / New Age

Now only available as a Bonus in the Dream Magic Program


Carole J Stokes ND