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Yeast Infections

by Carole J Toms ND (now Stokes)

Gener8 Awareness Pty Ltd
June 2012

In this book you will learn all about Candida and Thrush Yeast Infections, and the natural ways you can initiate to assist your body, in a non-invasive way, to facilitate its journey back to health, harmony and vitality.



by Carole J Toms ND (now Stokes)

Gener8 Awareness Pty Ltd
June 2012

Great body, great mind, great spirit … how does it get any better than this?

Feeling GREAT Naturally is a practical book that you can use to create a body sizzling with vitality and great health.

Feeling GREAT Naturally and Candida and Thrush Yeast Infections are both self-help eBooks that are easy to read and will provide you with information about the lifestyle changes you can make, the foods you can eat and natural remedies you can use to improve your health TODAY, to live a more enjoyable and rewarding life. Natural remedies can be as close as your cupboard or garden. Others can be sourced from natural health shops. If you live in remote areas, these can be sourced online and delivered to your door.

About the Author

Carole J Toms ND lives in South East Queensland, Australia. She is a qualified Naturopath/Homoeopath, writer and public speaker. She ran her own Naturopathy practice for more than 20 years. These how to eBooks have helped many people to rid themselves of stressful health practices and to regain control of their own health and vitality.

In 2005, while working in her clinic, the Carole Toms Natural Healing Centre in Melbourne, Carole won the Australian Achiever Award for her online work with people living in out-of-the-way places around Australia.

’You are FAR GREATER than you imagine.

Candida and Thrush Yeast Infections

Mobi – ISBN: 978-0-9872571-8-5 (ePub also available)

Feeling GREAT Naturally

Mobi – ISBN: 978-0-9752346-9-3 (ePub also available)

Natural Heath / Motivation / Health
June 2012

Carole J Toms ND (now Stokes)

Gener8 Awareness Pty Ltd
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