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Think BIG!

 Insights From Sir Richard Branson And International Thought Leaders 

“The  best advice I could give anyone is to spend your time working on whatever you are passionate about in life.”
~Richard Branson

 “If you think small, your world will be small. If you think big , your world will be big.”
~Paulo Coelho

“My interest  in life comes from setting huge, apparently unachievable challenges and trying to rise above them.”
~Richard Branson

Here is my story for your enjoyment.

Think BIG! How to Thrive in Life and Business in a Rapidly Changing World

Dreaming your way to success in life and business… Are you receiving the massages send to you through your dreams?

Can you imagine how having a 360-degree viewpoint, along with some knowledge of your future, would assist you in your life and business? It would be like jumping ahead in time and then coming back to make the best choices. How could that knowledge change your life? 

Dreams come to us from “the other side of the veil”. The veil is a term I use to describe that fine line between life and death. Our dreams are sent from beyond the veil to guide us in our daily lives and help us navigate the many challenges we face here on Mother Earth. Think of the movie The Matrix and you’ll see part of the picture. We all live in the matrix, but our dream state can give us insights into the true nature of existence.

Dreams come from our guides, guardian angels, and past loved ones. Imagine, for a moment, that you are one of your loved ones trying to communicate with you, assist you across a raging river, help you choose the best stone to step onto next, and keep you free from harm. One stone will assist your crossing, but there are so many to choose from. How can you be sure that the stone you choose is the best for your evolution? Through your dreams, your guides show you which stone you should choose next. But most of us never listen to our dreams. Ego and free will take over. “I want to go this way…” And then we wonder why we fall. When we learn to listen to our dreams, they will show us the way.

You may wonder why your dreams appear as jumbled stories. Surely, the message could be easier to decipher? Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Nothing worth having comes easy.” Unless you pay for something, be it with money, effort or time, you never value it as much as something you’ve worked hard for. And this is not the only reason why we view dreams as a jumbled mess of symbols. They are symbols designed to bypass the brain, whose job it is to keep you grounded in the physical realm, the Desert of the Real.

Dreams come to us through the right side of our brain, where we connect to our spirit, and they are processed on the left side, where we analyse them. When we sleep, we enter through the veil to the other side, and when we return from the other side, we leave that world behind and wake back in the physical world. When we learn to interpret our dreams, we can connect to a far greater consciousness than we are normally privy to. Our guides from the other side can see our past and future, and they know what will bring the most benefit to us from a soul journey perspective


Symbols in  Dreams 

Your dreams consist of a mass of different symbols, such as people, places, words, colours, feelings, numbers, animals, nature, and so on. It is learning to decipher these individual symbols for yourself that makes interpreting your dreams so fascinating and will, ultimately, make your life easier. The trick is learning how.

I remember David, an IT contractor who had been offered two very lucrative positions. He had to decide which one he would take. When he came to me, he had already decided on the position that was in a different state to the one he lived in. This would mean being away from his family during the week and flying home every weekend. He was an avid surfer. His dream was about surfing and the direction of the waves. He spoke to me about “right and left waves”. I didn’t really understand what he was talking about, so I enquired. He said if the waves were going one way, they would carry him into the rocks, but if they were going the other way, they would take him to the shore. Once we realised that the dream was about his work, he spoke about each of his employment options. We worked with his symbols, which told him that if he took the interstate position, he would be heading into the rocks. The next day, he accepted the other position and is very happy with his choice.

I’ve spoken to thousands of people over the decades and most of them find that dream dictionaries don’t make symbolic meanings clear. That is because we are all unique. It is because our lives are so diverse that the meanings we associate with symbols are different. If I had seen David’s waves, they might have meant something like purity, freshness, or even deep emotions, depending on the context of the dream. Someone else may not be able to swim, perhaps have a fear of water, so they’d interpret waves differently.

It is our individuality that means we need to interpret our symbols personally rather than taking a common meaning from a book. Having said that, I have found that there are a handful of symbols that may mean something similar to most people — but not always. There are always anomalies. Symbols in dreams are like Egyptian hieroglyphics. When you understand them, you will be able to interpret your dreams. By thinking big and learning to interpret our dreams, we can see how thriving in life and business in a rapidly changing world can be mastered, even while we remain on the Earth.


Recurring or Repeating Dreams

 Are you perplexed by dreams that keep repeating and want to know what they could mean? Why does your dream keep repeating? Has it been repeating for days, weeks, months, years, or even decades? Maybe you have sought the advice of a professional, but still, it keeps happening. If you have had your dream interpreted and taken the relevant action, but it continues to repeat, then the interpretation was incorrect. Only when you have unlocked the meaning of the dream will it disappear, because you have finally received its message.

Peta had a repeating dream throughout most of her life. Life had been a real challenge for her and she couldn’t fathom what this dream meant. When she came to me, she told me that her dream had been repeating since childhood. The dream was telling her that, even though life would be tough, she would make it through, and that one day, she would meet her prince. In her dream, her prince was represented by a frog, which possibly came from childhood stories of frogs turning into princes. Once we had interpreted the dream, it immediately stopped repeating, and her prince arrived. Her dreams had given her the encouragement to keep going through the hard times that plagued her throughout her life.

When we have a dream that keeps repeating, it drives us to find the answer as to why. Ultimately, we want to know its actual meaning. Repeating dreams are always important to your evolution. The message in your dream is important for you to know and will assist you greatly in your life. But, if you fail to interpret your dream, then you are not listening. You must understand it correctly, or it will keep repeating. It’s like spinning on a merry-go-round — no matter how fast you go, you’re not really going anywhere. You remain in the same place, as if you’re treading water. Sometimes, repeating dreams will confirm that the direction you have chosen is the best choice for you, so that you won’t be tempted to head down another path. I have done this myself, but now my dreams keep me on track.

I remember Julie, who told me she had a repeating dream and knew exactly what it meant. I suggested that if it kept repeating, then she should consider interpreting it again. As I said, when you receive the message and act upon it, the dream will stop repeating. She decided to do just that and was delighted to learn her dream's true message. It confirmed that she was indeed on her true path in life. As a lady who can turn her hand to many things, Julie had developed a hands-on healing business. She loves creative expression, but it had taken her away from the path that she had planned for herself before she arrived in this life. We plan our lives ahead of our arrival. I know this because I visited the other side during a near-death experience at the age of four. After Julie correctly interpreted her dream and focused her attention on her healing business, she never saw it again.

Patricia came to me with her repeating dream, and when we interpreted it, she was pleased and very relieved. Patricia had left her life in England and was now living in Australia, but she was haunted by her dream. She sent me an email saying:

“Just a quick note following our conversation about my recurring dreams on Friday afternoon. Something emotional struck me after we talked about England representing the past and Australia the future. Although my dream put me back in England (representing the past), with Australia as a memory in the dream (and I think I have been having these dreams more than I recall), I think it was a wake-up call (I have been so grateful when I wake up to find myself in Australia) to enjoy the here and now. Would it be strange to say that a long-term depression bubble has burst? Since our conversation, I woke up on Saturday to appreciate where I am here and now. Something changed and for that, I thank you. And as I say this, I don’t mean there’s anything specific about England and Australia — it really does appear to be about the past and present.”

Patricia discovered that, for her, England represented the past, while Australia represented the present and future. In her dream, Patricia was in England — and not happy to be there. In her waking life, she was unsettled. She had been having issues with her business, and after her realisation that England represented the past, she was able to settle down and rebuild her business with a lightness she had not experienced for some time.

Feeling in Dreams

Feelings in dreams are very important. Equally important are the feelings you have upon waking. They give you a clear indication of what the dream is about. Michelle was a psychic friend of mine, who woke with a powerful foreboding feeling around her brother. So, at 3:15 am, she called him, waking him from his sleep. She told him to go and make sure that every door and window was locked, that the children were safe, and the dog was inside. She would not hang up until he had done so. He and his family were safe that night. The next day, he discovered that his neighbour had been broken into and robbed. All their jewellery and coins were stolen. The funny thing was that the stolen items were housed in a cupboard on the other side of the wall from the head of her brother’s bed, as they lived in a terrace house.

On holiday, Sue woke with a powerful urge to go into her shop. It was the middle of the night, and her husband refused to get up and drive home in the middle of the night. He went back to sleep, but she couldn't, so she sat up in bed for the rest of the night. At 7 am, she woke her husband and asked if they could go home. She knew she had to get to her shop. As they neared their home, she asked him to first go to the shop. When they got there, the burglar alarm was sounding and most of her stock was gone. They went to the police and discovered that, if they had left when she awoke from her dream, they would have arrived at the shop when the burglary was in progress, been able to call the police and have the thieves arrested. While Sue’s dream involved strong feelings on waking, it was also a prophetic dream, which is another kind that many people experience.


Connect with Your Dreams

It is important to listen to your dreams. They are there to help you, warn you, confirm if you’re heading in the best direction, and even when you are heading in the opposite direction to the one in which you should be travelling. They can help you change direction so that your life will be more enjoyable. It really is important to listen. Are you beginning to see how learning to interpret your own dreams can assist you, in life and business? Your loved ones are trying to communicate with you in the best way they can.

Everyone has dreams. Even if they say they don’t, they do. We all have them, even if we don’t remember them. If you don’t remember your dreams, it’s usually because your life is too busy, full and perhaps stressful. If your focus is fully on the physical, you may not remember your dreams. Your past loved ones and guides would love to communicate with you and help you navigate life with ease. If only you could learn to listen to your dreams and interpret them for yourself. I can show you how to do that.

I have an online modular programme that will take you step-by-step through the whole process of interpreting your own dreams, to help you lead a more fulfilling and successful life. It is simple to follow and will lead you to master your own dream language.

When you learn to interpret and connect with your dreams, you can begin to “Think Big”, go out there and create your perfect life, knowing that what you create will be perfectly aligned with your destiny and your higher purpose.

‘You are FAR GREATER than you imagine.

Carole J Stokes ND