Dreams are not supposed to make sense, right? Wrong. While most people, especially in developed countries, dismissed dreams as nonsensical occurrences that were better off ignored, scientists have begun paying more attention to them. This is because there are various people who have shaped human history as a result of their dreams. Famous dreams in history have occurred to ordinary people as well as to kings and presidents. The common thread in these dreams is that they all influenced the action of the dreamers to an extent that was worth noting.

Dreams seem to have a mystery surrounding them, ever since ancient times. Even in modern times science has failed to provide satisfactory answers about this human phenomenon. Some scientists believe that dreams are as result of the cortex attempting to find meaning in the random signals received during the REM phase of the sleep. The cortex is the region of the brain that organizes and interprets information from your surroundings during consciousness. A popular school of thought suggests that random signals from the pons bombard the cortex that then attempts to interpret those signals. This then results into a story out of fragmented brain activity.

Most religions have been influenced by dreams. Islam established by Mohammed was as result of a dream. Christianity was foretold when angel Gabriel appeared to Mary .In the dream the angel told her that she was to be the mother of Christ. Later Joseph, Mary’s fiancé received instructions in various dreams informing him about the paternity as well the naming of the child. Queen Maya, Buddha’s mother was informed about his birth in a dream.

Some of the most famous dreams in history influenced conquerors to make critical decisions which ensured victory. A dream helped Alexander the Great to defeat the city of Tyre. Genghis Khan was informed in a dream that he was destined to conquer kingdoms and rule over the Mongols. Hannibal, the unconventional general, was influenced by a dream in his plans to march across the Alps. Marching across the lofty Alps was considered an impossible mission in those days. The main reason why these dreams have made it into the history books is because they had an impact not only on the dreamers but also in the lives of other people.

The importance of dreams to kings and pharaohs was critical since they influenced decisions in ancient civilizations. One of the most famous dreams in the Bible is that of Pharaoh who dreamt about the 14 cows. Seven of the cows were fat while seven were lean. Joseph a prisoner who interpreted the dream was promoted to become Pharaoh’s adviser.

Hitler who was a soldier in the First World War dreamt that he was being buried alive. The dream was so upsetting that he left the safety of the bunker to take a walk. While he was out walking a direct hit destroyed the bunker he had been sleeping in only a few moments earlier. This event convinced Hitler that he had been spared because he was destined for great things.

Dreaming has also been responsible for some of the greatest discoveries and innovations that have shaped human history. Albert Einstein was one of the renowned scientists who made it a hobby to solve the mysteries of the world through unconventional means. His brain power was not only outstanding but even more was his uncanny ability to get answers to tough problems in his dreams.

One night Einstein dreamt that he was walking through a farm when he chanced upon a herd of cattle bunched together against an electric fence. As he watched the farmer switched on the power and Einstein was surprised when he noticed that all the cows jumped back at the same time as result of the electric shock. Since he assumed that he had just seen a synchronized cow acrobatics show he recounted the story to the farmer.

The farmer who had been standing on the opposite end of the field gave a different version of the same event. According to him he saw the cows jump back one by one just like fans do in a football game wave. Einstein did not dismiss this event as a silly dream. As he pondered on the meaning of the dream, ideas began to form in his mind about how events seem different depending on where you are standing, as result of the time light takes to reach your eyes. This is how his theory of relativity was developed.

Dreams will give you the answers to your most perplexing questions.

Carole J Stokes ND

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